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Pet Wash hacks and the best DIY tips ever!

Bathing your pets should be a pleasant and bonding experience, but in reality, things may be different. We all see on TV pups who love to cool down in the bath tub or relaxed cats who enjoy bubble baths, but what can you do if your pooch has a strong personality and hates being in the water? Here are some pet wash hacks you could try to make him change his mind.

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How often you should wash your dog depends on many factors, including the breed, the type of coat and whether he stays most of his time indoors or outdoors. But keep in mind - regular bathing helps maintain a neat appearance and also helps him stay healthy too. The hygiene is important, even though your dog doesn’t mind being muddy or stinky.  

Here are the perfect steps that can lead you to a successful pet wash session!

3 Mistakes to avoid during your next pet wash

For most people, bathing is a relaxing activity. But, things may seem a lot different when it comes to your pets. Why? Well, the reasons can be diverse: the noise, the water or the scrubbing may all lead to a story your pet doesn’t want to be part of. How to make your dog love it? Start by avoiding these pet wash mistakes!

  • Not testing the water

Do you know what a bad start means? Exactly! Not adjusting the water temperature. Either too cold or too hot, the water will scare off your pet. And guess what? After this, there are little chances of getting your dog back to a relaxing mood. Once you ruined it, you can only postpone it for the next day.

  • Not setting the right water pressure

One of the most comfortable and efficient ways of giving a good pet wash to your pooch is by using a held shower. The most common mistake is to use the same pressure you are accustomed to. Wrong! You should set a low pressure and please don’t point it straight to the fur because you might scare your little friend. Instead, use your hand to make him relax.    

  • Not choosing the right shampoo

As easy as it might sound, at first sight, choosing a pet shampoo that is suitable for your cat or dog can be tricky. Every pet has different needs, not to mention that using your own shampoo should never cross your mind (this will only dry their skin). So, the best advice - choose a professional shampoo with organic properties.

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A perfect pet wash scenario…

The first baths will usually be more difficult no matter what pet you have, so get accustomed to this idea. But once, you manage to set a relaxing tone, you and your canine friend can get to enjoy a bubbly experience. Need more pet wash tips? Just take a look:

  • Stay calm no matter what happens
  • Use rewards for a positive association
  • Repeat, reward, repeat!
  • Mind the ears and the eyes
  • Don’t get upset because of the ‘big shake’
  • Take your time
  • What’s important: Bathe regularly!

Long story short...

Keep in mind, patience is key when it comes to introducing new things to your dog. Wait, try and repeat until they finally accept it. New things can easily scare them! Unfortunately, if you start off on the wrong foot, then you will have a lot of trouble changing their mind about it.

So, take your time and do repetitive moves with your dog, until he gets accustomed to spending time, firstly in the bathroom, then in the bathtub and then in the water. You’ll manage to do it eventually, so don't lose hope!

All in all, try some of these tips and you’ll surely be one step closer to enjoying a chilling pet wash. Have his favorite rewards within easy reach, praise every good behavior and use professional pet care products. Good luck! 

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