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Top myths and misconceptions about the perfect dog wash

As summer is here, it’s a great moment to refresh things up. And here, of course, we’re not only thinking about the usual summer cleaning session. Our furry friends also deserve a lot more attention, taking into account that we usually spend more time outdoors. So, what should you do to help your pet cope with higher temperatures easier? Taking into account the large number of myths closely linked to this topic, it’s easier to see why some of us may get mislead. Thus, let’s demystify some of the most popular myths regarding the perfect dog wash solution for this summer.

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Top myths about grooming your dog

Let’s see what’s reality and what’s not! Stay one step in front of misinformation!

Myth #1: All dogs hate bathing

Wrong! There are dogs who actually love grooming time. Why? They either like spending time with their owner, they enjoy the attention they get, they like being brushed or they love the massage that comes with the bath. Any way you take it, there’s at least something they enjoy, try to find what your dog loves and use it in your own favor. Thus he will enjoy the bathing time more and more.

Myth #2: Bathing your dog regularly damages his skin and coat

This is just one of those myths that never seem to disappear no matter how much accurate information there is. Bathing your dog regularly can moisturize his skin, prevent certain skin conditions and bring a series of health benefits, but ONLY IF you use the right organic dog grooming products! Top-quality products are specially created to meet their needs, as they are enriched with minerals and vitamins to help them stay healthy.

Myth #3: There’s no need for a dog shampoo

We cannot stress how wrong this really is! Human products do no good for your pets. This is why pet products have been created - to meet their special needs and requirements. A fact is certain – our skin is different compared to our pets’, and by washing your dog with a human shampoo you are basically damaging their natural barrier against infections.

The perfect dog wash session – More myths!

And the list can continue, as the myths seem to be diverse. Which one sounds familiar? Let’s name 3 more popular myths among pet parents all over the world.

Myth #4: All dog shampoos do the same thing

There’s no need to state that every dog shampoo is different. It depends on the substances used, the vitamins and what they are designed for (see the anti-itch shampoos, the deep cleansing shampoos and so on. Each one has a different purpose)… How should you choose your dog shampoo?

  • Focus on organic and all-natural dog wash products
  • Read the labels and try some non-toxic and no-preservatives products
  • Choose some that bring benefits to your dogs’ health

How can you know you made the right decision? The results will give you the answers you need!

Myth #5: A good dog wash = 30-minute bath

Brush, bathe and dry! There’s no exact science when grooming your pet. This should be relaxing and entertaining! Focus on making your pet happy while cleaning and revitalizing his coat and skin. It’s that easy…

Extra tips

dog wash winterMyth: You shouldn't groom your dog on rainy days

Some owners don’t wash their canine friends during rainy days or even worse, during the entire winter time because they fear they might get cold. Wrong! Just think about the heating system that’s active during these days in your home. It dries out the skin of your pet making it itchy. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t wash your dog on colder days. The only thing to be careful with is to make sure his coat is dried before going out. For extra protection, you can always buy him a sweater, if needed!  

Remember: with the right products you actually help his skin stay hydrated and help him get rid of dry and itchy skin conditions.


Choose specially-designed dog wash products and don’t put your dog in danger. Above all, avoid common blunders and make sure you know what’s fact and what’s myth!

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