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Grooming your horse with organic horse products!

Owning a horse implies a lot of responsibilities and requires a lot of your time and attention. Grooming should be done regularly for various reasons. Think about it - it's a great opportunity to bond with your horse, spend time with him, check his body for any injuries and of course, maintain him healthy. Obviously, the products you use are vital! So, let’s find out the benefits of using organic horse products and discover some essential tips on how to care for your horse properly!

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Grooming your horse – Essential tips

  • Massage their skin with a brush

One of the first things you could do to make your horse relax and therefore get to trust you is to brush his coat. Not only will you get to spend more time with him, but you’ll also get the chance to spot unwanted cuts, injuries or skin infections before they convert into serious problems.

  • Groom them before and after the ride

If you’re new to having a horse, then you should understand from the early beginning the basics of caring for your horse. Why groom him before the ride? Because you need to make sure your horse is in the right shape to exercise. Moreover, you need to check his body where the saddle and the harness will be positioned. Why after the ride? To clean his coat from sweat or any debris. Remember – your horse’s coat says a lot about his overall health!

  • Use professional organic horse products

Grooming your horse should be part of a routine that you should both enjoy. What’s more, if you have a young horse, then grooming can also help him learn how to stand still. By using organic horse products you actually help his hair get thicker and his skin healthier. The right way to do it? Shampoo his coat in gentle circles.

  • Invest in good-quality brushes

The brushes and the sponge you use during the grooming sessions are important. You need to keep them clean and hygienic. Remember – take care of the tools you use and they will last longer. 

Top horse care essentials!

If this is your first time, then check out these essential tips! If you’re already an expert, then read on because we’re going to unveil some secrets too.

organic horse products

  • Get your tools and all-natural horse products within easy reach
  • Be careful with the water pressure, not to scare your horse
  • Don’t ignore any part of the body
  • Wash from front to back
  • Test the temperature of the water beforehand
  • Use different size sponges (one for every part of the body)
  • Invest in professional organic horse products that help your horse stay healthy

Why organic horse products?

After all, why should you invest in organic horse products? How can they help your horse? Well, the first thing that should ring a bell is that organic horse products clean the skin and the coat without removing natural oils. Let’s take for instance, Soos™ Dead Sea horse grooming products. They are made with Dead Sea minerals, vitamins, essential oils and plant extracts. Choose from a variety of products the one that your horse needs!

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