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Tackle The Winter Itch With Help From The Dead Sea

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As the temperature grows colder and the air dryer, we’re preparing for the drying effects that winter has on our pets’ sensitive skin.

Our pups love the snow– they love to play in it, roll in it and even snack on it! But long play times in the cold and the wet can take its toll on sensitive skin. Pepper, the Labrador Retriever, has especially sensitive skin when it comes to moisture. As a Lab, Pepper loves the water – whether she’s swimming in it, or it’s falling from the sky as rain or snow.

After extended play sessions her skin becomes itchy, and she scratches at it incessantly. To help combat this issue we turned to Soos Pets, a shampoo for pets that uses two times concentrated minerals from the Dead Sea to soothe irritated skin.

Soos Pets products are paraben free, sulphate free and contain 97% natural ingredients like coconut oil, green tea, chamomile, tea tree oil, lavender and Vitamin E carefully selected to cleanse your pet’s fur and relax them at the same time. And… they’re cruelty free (no animal testing)!

We tested out two Soos Pets shampoos; Mineral Rich Mud Shampoo and Anti-Itch Shampoo.

What’s great about these products is that not only are they packed with nutrient-rich ingredients, but they’re safe for use on cats and dogs. If you’re an inter-species household, you’ll appreciate that your shopping list just got a little bit shorter!

The main difference between the two shampoos is their ingredient list. Soos Pets carries a number of shampoo and conditioner options for just about any skin care issue. Knowing a little about the properties that each natural ingredient is best known for  may help you narrow down which is best for your needs.


A few ingredients in Mineral Rich Mud shampoo.

The Mineral Rich Mud has a number of soothing ingredients from coconut and pumpkin seed oil to goat milk, honey and over 71 plant extracts. It also has the highest concentration of Dead Sea minerals and antioxidants out of all of the Soos Pets products.

Mineral Rich Mud is designed to aid in circulation, provide relief for chronic and irritated skin conditions, hydrate skin and coat, and promote cell detox and regeneration.


While the Mineral Rich Mud is a good all-around shampoo for prevention and maintenence, the Anti-Itch Shampoo gets right down to the root of the problem (literally) and begins working right away.

Soos’ Anti-Itch shampoo also has a long ingredient list of mostly natural ingredients aimed at quickly tackling dry and irritated skin, and promoting fast healing. The Anti-Itch shampoo utilizes ingredients such as tree tea oil, lavender oil, chamomile and vitamin E to soothe and cleanse the skin, while not stripping the natural oils from your dog’s coat. The best part is that it is gentle enough for frequent use if need be.


The Soos Pets shampoos smell wonderful. If you’ve read any of my other shampoo reviews you’ll know that I’m very picky when it comes to scents and my dog. Soos Pets manages to keep their shampoo smelling fresh and natural while not making it overpowering. There’s nothing worse than have an air freshener on four legs walking around your house!

I also noticed less sneezing from Bachaesh after he was bathed with Soos Pets compared to other highly scented shampoos. Clearly he prefers the subtlety of Soos Pets’s scents as well.

It works. It’s not overly frothy when lathered, but that doesn’t affect its ability to do its job. Bachaesh’s thin, wispy Yorkie fur was thick and fluffy after using Soos Pets, unlike some other shampoos that have left it looking stringy.

I even found myself testing it out on my own hair while vacationing when I realized I had forgotten to pack my own shampoo. It left my hair feeling clean and free of residue. Mo also told me later that night that he really liked the smell of my new shampoo! So there you go. Soos Pets- great for your pets, great for your love life!


I would definitely turn to Soos Pets again in the future for any of my dog’s skincare needs, and recommend to other pet owners who find themselves dealing with a skincare issue.

I really like how much care Soos Pets has taken in choosing their product’s ingredients and making them as natural as possible. The fewer chemicals being absorbed into my pup’s skin the better!

While the 250ml bottles do get a little pricey at between $17 and $20, I think they are worth the price. We don’t excessively bathe our dogs so I can see a 250ml bottle lasting us quite a reasonable amount of time.  The plus side of the smaller bottles is also that they take up less space than those huge bulk containers of shampoo, and they also allow you to try various scents without having to commit to one for a long time.

I am quite pleased with Soos Pets, and will be trying more of their products in the future.


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